Ramona UNGUREANU, Life-Coach | Change Vector

I am a free spirit, stubborn to not let myself caught in the mind’s traps, preconceptions and social conditioning. I dare the status quo, mine and others’.  And I learn. I learn about patience, self-trust, compassion, lake of judgment, determination and much more. I practice my lessons, I share from my experiences and learnings and I dedicated my life to support others on their way to themselves and own success.

BA in Business Management

Trainer certificate

Certified Human Resources Manager

Certified Life-Coach – Associate Power Coach

Points of You™ Coaching Practitioner

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear”
Jack Canfield.

Diploma CLI
Diploma POY
Diploma Noble Manhattan
Yale Pshy
Yale Science of WB

Successful Stories:

“The sessions with Ramona were a inner journey filled with A-ha moments and discoveries! I was impressed by Ramona’s patience, empathy and insightfulness, who was a guind and also a road companion. Together we sailed the land of self-discovery and self perfectionism paying an intellectual, creative game which, by the end, was leaving me filled with energy and new ideas. In my roving or blockage moments, Ramona always had an Ace in her sleeve, or a compass question, well asked, ment to make me regain my sens of orientation. I recommend her with all my conviction to whomever want to find more about self and/or for becoming a better human being!”