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We always act to make ourselves a better life in these 8 areas: Yourself, Intellectual, Financial, Family, Social, Career, Wellness, and Spiritual. But sometimes seems like we make rope walking on a thread, carrying Himalaya on our shoulders. And still is not impossible 🙂

Your Self

Everything starts from within. You with yourself. You with the mirror in front of you. The quality of the relationship with oneself, influences in a decisive way the quality of your life and of your relationship with others. The perceptions and beliefs that you have about yourself magisterially conduct towards your successes of failures. When the answers to questions like: “Who am I?” or “What defines me?” or “Do I deserve to be appreciated?” are hold-up or show up in their negative version, Your inner Self is the one you should lean to make PEACE and HARMONY with your feelings. The inside is reflected outside, so pay it attention. And you can work to clean and transform whatever stops you living your life at the level you want it.


Your belief, religion, spirituality, quantic physics, dogma, you name this chapter as you wish. It will still be a part of us and will feed our identity. The presence or absence of belief can bring us moments of imbalance. The way we relate to the inner and outer power can strongly influence the result of our own actions. The energy that flows, flows back. The words of Henry Ford are true: “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right”. Work towards that direction that deserves investing your energy and you will attain unexpected results.


We graduate schools, universities, specialization courses and so on. We want to acquire intellectual capital starting from the simple common knowledge until we become specialists in certain fields. We wish to use our cerebral capacity we were born withto successfully manage as many as possible aspects of our lives. But what do you do when, somewhere along the way, you get stuck and seems like you cannot apply everything that you have learned? Here it is an example of subject for a life-coaching session. And is never too late to start working on it.


Your wellbeing is a blending of aspects in your life: physical and mental, nutrition, sport. The human body and psychic are complex. It is not enough breathing and take out vaccines. The way we relate to and take care of the entire system that we are, helps us move graciously in life and have the results we want, even exceeding expectations. Or not. The opposite approach can bring us illness, depression, malfunctions of our general health state, which, obviously, bring us to failures and feel unfulfilled. “Mens sana in corpore sano”. For this you can work too and get the solutions that you desire.


From our mom and dad to our kids, we start and end everything in this life with our family. Family gives us life, we give life to others. The relationships in this micro-system are extraordinary important for us all. But because we are all these generations and different histories in the same place together, often earthquakes are showing up in the process of adjustments of ourselves to the others.  And vice versa. We do not know how to communicate with them? We have no idea how to manage all these differences? You can discover it and work with me to learn it.


Homosapiens is a social animal. We spend most of our time surrounded by people. Of all kinds and forms, from work colleagues, to neighbors, friends or strangers, the post man and the lady from the cable company, presidents of the home-owners associations, colleagues from the university or other several courses and we can go on with another half of a page. The quality of the relationships we have with all those influences our results in life, in the same way the relationship with our inner self influences the relations with all those. We were not built to live isolated, even if, sometimes, it helps taking a break and retire in solitude. But the fact that the social environments influences also the quality of our life, is undeniable. In life-coaching we approach also this area of our lives, with the same openness we approach all other 7. The good news is that we can also move the mountains of this area too, if we really want it to.


We spend at work over 90.000 hours in a life time. A little over 30 years! What and how we invest in those hours, will project the professionals we will become. We feel like we do not move forward, we are capped, we do not succeed to fit in? These are profound subjects for individual sessions. The metamorphosis can be done, but only with interest, dedication and effort.


We would live an utopia if we would say that we do not need financial stability in our lives. This stability is the condition for the access to studies, creating a family, acquiring a house or a car, access to travelling we are interested in and we can go on with the list. And what if this aspect is sensitive to you? What if you find yourself in the situation where you want more from this area of your life? Well then, it is excellent! There is buried in you at least one solution to reach the target you have.

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