Life-Coaching – for a better YOU

When I decided to take this path, I only knew one thing: I needed a CHANGE. Each and everyone of us has our own life-time battles. It’s hard carrying all this burden all by yourself, not knowing what to do, where to start your inner-cleaning proccess or where to end old habits and beliefs that destroy you.

We are mind, body and spirit. With what we were given, we surf life’s waves. We face roadblocks: emotional, spiritual, physical or intellectual. But the source of all these we do not see it so clear every time, all by ourselves. I wish we could.

In those times of blockage, sufferings, changes, career transitions, life transitions and so on, we can rely on several resources: internal or external. We have books, mentors, movies, personal development trainings and so on and we go back and forth in our lives looking for answers. We go to a psycholgist, to acupuncture therapists or others holistic practitioners, OR to a Life COACH.

This person, if you really connect with him/her, is not giving you advices. Or the solutions to your problems. How could he/she? He/She is not YOU. The best thing a Life Coach is trained to do is to accompany you in your trip to your own solutions. And they are the most precious answers you will ever receive. Because they are yours, apply to you, and come from your inner Higher Power. Who else can know you better than yourself?

And this is what I do: I aim to help. To help YOU reach your own greatness, your own self-love and appreciation, your own resources that will bring light and peace into your heart. And LIFE.

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