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If you wish for privacy and exclusive attention to produce changes for your future, individual life-coaching sessions are what you need.

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Clients share with us from their emotions and results, obtained during and after the life coaching sessions with me.


Find out about „Your InHouse Life-Coach” program or about customized life-coaching workshops.

Life-Coaching Workshops

To find out other perspectives of a group, regarding a predefined themes to work with, life-coaching workshops should be your first choice.

“When you have no more power to continue, take a break. Breath. Recalibrate. Recharge. And start again. This time changing the way you take action. It is only like this that you will obtain different results then those who drove you lose your power.”


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“Everything you want is on the other side of fear”
Jack Canfield.

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Few words about me

Associate Power Coach, Points of You™ Practitioner, HR Manager with 14 years of experience, vocational retrained for Life Quality Improvement. I trained teams and individuals, I created and implemented Change programs. My purpose? To help people live their own potential.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a development process through which the individual is supported to reach a specific result, personally or professionally. The term COACHING can be used with the pure sense of a COACH. Yes. A life-coach is trained to support his/her clients, using the questioning technique, for them to find their own solutions to the problems that are stopping them from being productive, efficient, happy, at peace with self and others. The origin of the word COACHING has the roots in the Hungarian term „kocsi” which means „carriage” and it is affiliated to the idea of transport. In a simple and smart manner, we can define COACHING as an activity of joining individuals from the present time in their  lives, towards the point of their life where they want to get.

Successful Stories:

„When Ramona first proposed me to attend a coaching session, I was a little bit skeptical.. I didn’t know much about this area and I thought it was a little abusive to let some get deep into my soul. Maybe it was also the fear of really knowing myself and to reactivate some traumas, which I hardly got to throw away in the most castaway locked drawer. Why would I reopen it? – was the question that I inevitable asked myself. As the question arose, the answer just came along. To succeed to continue on my way, I had to solve my problems from the past… I didn’t want to keep going with them unsolved in my life and let others, maybe even worst, arise.

So, I decided to give myself time for my soul only. The process itself was moving and with Ramona’s help I discovered things I didn’t even know were there. I started to explain myself where the fear, inferiority and other negative feelings were coming from. Do you have any idea how comfortable it is to accept yourself just the way you are, without considering yourself a victim and blaming others? Life gets much easier and beautiful… I feel lucky and I thank Ramona for what she has done and continues doing for me… for the effects that will be seen for a lifetime. It is amazing how easy you can change your life for the better just talking with the right person, who does nothing else but asking the right questions, at the right moment and lets you see what you probably should have seen long time ago, but you were too blinded by fear, uncertainty and your past traumas (whatever those sufferings are, at a certain moment, not being solved, sooner or later they will became traumas). Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ramona, and keep walking on your path, open to also help other people. However much wired would seem to you, we have a great need of people like you.”


„Ramona is a big curiosity to me: I do not know how can she stay so convinced that I can do whatever I wish for. I relayed on my strong desire to find out if she was right and I tried something different. That’s how I got to coaching. „Bizar…”I said when Ramona told me, for the first time, that I am living my adult life based on how my „software was written by the time I got to 8”. And I couldn’t believe about myself that I can easily be a successful person until she helped me identify the negative beliefs that were sabotaging my own success. All this only by asking me the right questions. I had to try something different, and seems that working with Ramona was just the thing I needed”.


“Ramona coached me several times on different topics. I really respect and admire her for the profesionalism demonstrated in our sessions. She helped me with my fear of making changes in my life, so I ended up of doing lots of them which brought me a lot of joy and abundance. Ramona is also a good mentor and an inspiration, so i’ve learned from her how to take more action in my life. It was a privilege working with Ramona.”



We see our life unfolding on several plans.
When in one of those shows up a lack o balance, it reverberates in the other zones too. You can improve any area of your life if you really want it too and you dedicate yourself to this action!

It is YOUR life. Only YOU can TRANSFORM it!

1. Yourself

2. Spiritual

3. Intellectual

4. Wellness

5. Family

6. Social

7. Career

8. Financial

What do we do in a life-coaching session?

You and I will embark on a journey destined to reach any goal you desire. The coaching methodologies use the art of asking questions and listening, specific to coaching. The questions are meant to alternatively stimulate the left hemisphere of the brain – the logical and rational one, and the right hemisphere, the creative and intuitive one. The final purpose is to help you access your inner resources, to identify the source of the problems that upset you, to look at the situation from totally new perspectives and identify the optimal solution to solve them.

For your work to materialize in a tangible result, at the end of every coaching session, I will help you transpose the solutions you have found in an action plan, meant to generate positive permanent changes in your behavior and your approaches. This a power of your Super Conscientious, which Einstein and Da Vici used to frequently use it. You can easily do it too.

Is life-coaching the solution for me?

It might be if you desire to change something in your life. Through the life-coaching methods I help you to:

  • Get to the root of the problem and finally understand why you do what you do. Then, you can make the positive choice to change the destructive behaviors.
  • Find innovative solutions to the problems that torment you using alternatively both brain hemispheres, the left and the right one. This means that you will think faster and you will find much easier the solutions, helping you to set yourself to a totally different level of thinking than the one you were at when the problem was created.
  • Truly live your personal values. For example, you could start to love yourself more, accept others much easier, become even a stronger success or honesty role model, courage or self-trust for you, your family and colleagues.
  • Maximize productivity in your activities, by helping you solve complex and sensitive situations, ether personal or professional.
  • Find balance between your personal and professional life.
  • Communicate easier and openly with people around you and build long term, constructive relationships.
  • Overcome negative thinking about yourself. That voice inside your head who says: “You are not capable of doing this OR you do not deserve to have success” will get out of your life.
  • Stop blaming yourself and others. Understanding the Universal Laws will bring you PEACE. You will understand in practice, with yourself and others, compassion, understanding, patience.
  • And much more!

Universal Laws

Law of Choice: “If you wish to change your life, you need to change your choices”

Law of Attraction: “You attract in your life people, things and places that will help you develop emotionally, spiritually, physically and intellectually. Some will touch your sensitive cord. Other will celebrate life with you. Birds of a feather flock together.”

Law of Believe: “Whatever you think, either consciously or unconsciously, you become. Our thoughts ARE our actions.”

Law of the Mirror: “Whatever you see in others is a reflection of what you see in yourself.”